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Some Archived Podcasts from 2018

1/3/2018 Freedom Worth Fighting For
1/4/2018 When Should Christians Speak Up?
1/9/2018 Should Christians Be Silent
1/10/2018 Killing Our Kids "Destroying America"

1/11/2018 What Is Hate Speech?
1/12/2018 Once Saved, Always Saved?
1/15/2018 What Is Racism?
1/16/2018 The Nehemiah Plan for Church Security
1/18/2018 The Coming Anti-Christ
1/19/2018 Will Jesus Come Back and Reign on Earth for 1000 Years?
1/22/2018 Florida Representative- Jay Fant
1/23/2018 Do We Still Have a Constitution?
1/24/2018 Should Government to Hostile to Religion?
1/25/2018 National Anarchy?
1/26/2018 Legislative Update- Rep. Clay Yarborough
1/29/2018 Is Prayer and the Bible Illegal Today?
2/1/2018 Giving Freedom of Free Speech "Life or Death"
2/2/2018 If the Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do? (Pro. 11:3)
2/8/2018 God and Government
2/12/2018 Review of Dangers to America
2/13/2018 Murder via Abortion
2/14/2018 Valentine's Day "What is Love?"
2/15/2018 Massacre in South Florida
/16/2018   What Causes Mass Murder?
2/19/2018  Creation vs Evolution?
2/20/2018   Have We Lost Our Moral Compass?
2/21/2018    It's Appointed Unto Man Once to Die
2/22/2018   Gun Control?
2/23/2018   Should We Try the People. Have a Right in Government
2/26/2018   Mass Shootings and the Culture of Death
2/27/2018   The Real Story of the Florida School Shooting
2/28/2018   Diversity of Opinions
3/1/2018   What Is the Answer to School Shootings?
3/2/2018   Guns- Government and God?
3/5/2018   God vs Government
3/6/2018   Should Bible Be Taught in Public Schools
3/7/2018   God's Sovereign Control
3/8/2018   Time for a Temple in Jerusalem
 3/9/2018    Gun Control or God Control?
3/12/2018     Second Amendment Banned in Florida?
3/13/2018    Signs of the Last Days. Part 1
3/14/2018    Signs of the Last Days. Part 2
3/15/2018    School Authorized Child Abuse
3/16/2018    Is Heaven Just a Fairy Tale?

 5/30/2018    Should Christians Pay Taxes?
5/31/2018    God Created Them "Male and Female"
6/1/2018    Drain the Swamp or "Sewer"
6/4/2018    The Feminist Anarchy and the Church
6/5/2018    Freedom of Speech
6/6/2018    Right of Dividing the Lord
6/7/2018    Banning the First Amendment
6/8/2018    Who Is a Christian?

6/11/2018    The Evangelical Deep State (S.B.C.)
6/13/2018    The Battle against God
6/15/2018    Understanding the Bible
6/18/2018    The Great American Divide
6/19/2018    Making the Bible Palatable?
6/20/2018    Border Babies "The Bible and Babbling Democrats"
6/21/2018    Are Prayer Vigils Now Unconstitutional?

6/22/2018   Fake News vs. Bible Truth
6/26/2018    Intolerance and Anarchy
6/27/2018    A Divided Society "Society out of Control"
6/28/2018    Revival of the First Amendment
6/29/2018    God Bless America
7/1/2018    Our Flag and American Heritage
7/2/2018    Who Were the 56 Who Signed the Declaration of Independence?

7/3/2018    Let's Celebrate Freedom
7/5/2018    The Decay in America's Culture
7/6/2018    Does God Predestine Anyone to Hell?
7/9/2018    Do Elections Conflict Control or Cancel Free Will?
7/10/2018    Seeing God
7/11/2018    The Gospel of Health
7/12/2018    What Is Truth?
7/16/2018    The Demise of the Public Schools
7/17/2018    Bible in the Public Schools. Knowing the Bible

7/18/2018    Abortion and Gay Marriage
7/19/2018    Does Life Have Meaning?
7/20/2018    Are You Approved of God?
7/23/2018    The Greatest Need in America
7/24/2018    Salt and Light
7/25/2018   Is Islamic Intolerance a Myth?
7/26/2018    Biblical Illiteracy
7/27/2018    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms "Cord Byrd"
7/30/2018    Open Bathrooms
7/31/2018    Christians' Responsibility to Vote
8/1/2018    Straw Jail "Plastic Straw Now Illegal"

8/2/2018    Social Justice vs Biblical Christianity
8/3/2018    Study- Study God's Word "Know This Book"
8/6/2018    None Dare Call It Education
8/7/2018    Every Vote Counts "Charles W Burney"
8/8/2018    Should America Allow Muslims to Seek Office?
8/9/2018    Our Vanishing Free Speech
8/10/2018    Culture in Churches "Churches Closing"
8/13/2018    Heresies in the Church
8/14/2018    Is Hell Everlasting or Eternal? Is Hell Real?

8/15/2018    Seeing Black and White - Racism in America?
8/16/2018    The Rise of Sodom
8/17/2018    Biblical Challenge
8/20/2018    Our Responsibility to Vote

8/21/2018    Living in the Days of Noah
8/22/2018    Know This Book
8/23/2018    Our Right to Vote
8/24/2018    Who Is C.T.U Guest-  Ricardo Watson
8/27/2018    Tragedy in Jacksonville
8/28/2018    Why Do Guns Kill People?
8/29/2018    Will America Become a Socialist Nation?

8/30/2018    Socialism, Racism, and Social Justice
8/31/2018    Christian Faith under Assault
9/1/2018    Cultural Marxism in America
9/4/2018    Is Truth "Hate Speech"?
9/5/2018    God in Government
9/6/2018    Political Racism
9/10/2018    Is Transgenderism Real or Just Defense of God
9/12/2018    The Coming Global Islamic Invasion
9/14/2018    Know This Book
9/17/2018    The Future of America at Stake
9/18/2018    Agenda to Redefine America
9/19/2018    Open Assault on Christians

9/20/2018    The Voice of the People. VOTE
9/21/2018    Is Truth Missing?
9/24/2018    Witnesses of Belial
9/25/2018    The Bible under Attack
9/26/2018    Should We Change the Bible?
9/27/2018    Socialism vs Capitalism- What is Socialism?
9/28/2018    Search and Destroy
10/01/2018    A Wake Up Call to the Church
10/02/2018    Vote! Vote! Vote! Guest- Jay Fant
10/03/2018    Don't Be Deceived! God Is Not Mocked

10/4/2018    Changing Florida One Amendment at a Time
10/5/2018    America at the Crossroads- Amendments

10/8/2018    Religious Free Speech
10/9/2018    Socialism vs Constitutionalism- Christianity, Pt 1
10/10/2018    Socialism vs Constitutionalism- Christianity, Pt 2
10/11/2018    Do Atheists Really Exist?
10/12/2018    What Is a Biblical Worldview?
10/15/2018    Voting, The Christians Hope- Politically
10/17/2018    Are You in a Progressive Church?

10/18/2018    Nov. 6th 2018 Defines America's Destiny
10/19/2018    Are You in a Biblical Church?

10/22/2018    Wake Up, America!
10/23/2018    The Invasion of America
10/24/2018    America After the Elections
10/25/2018    61 Million Murdered- Abortion
10/26/2018    The Fall of America

10/29/2018    Should Christians Participate in Halloween?
10/30/2018    What About Our Bill of Rights?
10/31/2018    Socialist -  Gillum
11/01/2018    Government Approved Child Abuse
11/02/2018   Christian Response to Don Lemon and Racism

11/05/2018   Having Done All- Stand. Eph. 6:13-14
11/6/2018    Today's Vote Will Determine America's Future
11/07/2018    The Morning After- God Is Still in Control
11/08/2018    Difficult Days Ahead
11/09/2018    Battle for the Soul of America
11/12/2018    Wake Up, America

11/14/2018    Israel- The Focus of the World
11/15/2018    Will Christians Face Persecution in America?
11/16/2018    Be Ye Thankful
11/19/2018    Our Ebbing Freedom- Our Bill of Rights

11/20/2018   Church Authority and Sin
11/21/2018   Thankfulness
11/26/2018   Our Foundation
11/27/2018   Science and the Bible- Evolution vs Creation

11/28/2018  No Place to Hide- The Anti-Christ
11/30/2018   Can Christians Drink Alcoholic Beverages?
12/01/2018   Is Santa Claus Real?- The Santa Myth
12/04/2018   Jimmy Hill for Mayor

12/5/2018    Bill of Rights under Attack
12/6/2018    Ready to Rebuild
12/10/2018   The War on Christmas
12/12/2018   Changing the Lord's Prayer?

12/13/2018   The Apostles' Creed- Should Pres. Trump Be Required to Recite?
12/14/2018    Killing Our Parents
12/18/2018  How to Have a Right Christmas

12/19/2018    Who Is Jesus?
12/20/2018   The Announcement of the First Christmas
12/21/2018   The Christian History
12/31/2018    Political Correctness vs First Amendment

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