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Some Archived Podcasts beginning June 13, 2016

6/13/2016    Gambling and Islam
6/14/2016    City Council and Slots Referendum
6/15/2016    Jesus Said "Peace Be Still" (A Nation in Trouble)
6/16/2016    Second Amendment "Right to Keep and Bear Arms"
6/17/2016    Fire Arms Stand Next in Importance to the Constitution
6/20/2016    Obama Pushing a Bill on Gun Control
6/21/2016    The Rapture- Discuss the Chronology of Prophetic Text
6/22/2016    The World in Chaos and Confusion
6/23/2016    The Proposed Slots in Jacksonville
6/24/2016    It's Independence Day in the UK (2 Tim 3:1-4 …perilous time will…)
6/27/2016    The UK and Brexit? (Independence "WOW"
6/28/2016    Independence Day Celebration "Home/Family"
6/29/2016    Is Islam Tolerant? (discuss book)
6/30/2016    What About Religious Liberties?
7/5/2016    God and Country Day
7/6/2016    The Church USA- Sleeping Giant Must Be Awakened
7/7/2016    Separation Church and State
7/11/2016    Separation Church and State
7/12/2016    The Communist Network News (CNN)
7/13/2016    Should Christians Worship or Pray to False Gods
7/14/2016    The UK has a New Prime Minister
7/15/2016    News Article from Attack in Paris- Islamic
7/18/2016    Will the Declension Deepen?
7/19/2016    What about Our Constitutional Right to Religious Liberty" (Separation of Church and State)
7/20/2016    Separation Church and State
7/21/2016    God and Government
7/22/2016    The Ultimate Rejection
7/25/2016    Corruption in Government "What Does the Bible Say?"
7/26/2016    The Last Days
7/27/2016    The Pokemon-Go Craze- Is It Demonic?
7/28/2016    The Mark of the Beast- 666
8/1/2016    The Pope Refuses to Identify Islam
8/2/2016    Our Responsibility as Believers to Vote
8/3/2016    Standards for Those Who Govern
8/9/2016    The Very Thing That Sets America
8/10/2016    God Gave the World Three Institutions
8/11/2016    Our Spiritual Roots
8/12/2016    Pray for America
8/15/2016    Can a Person Die, Go to Hell and Return?
8/16/2016    Guest- Bro. Rich Overman
8/17/2016    Why Biblical Preaching?
8/18/2016    Our Guest- Bro. Don Redman
8/19/2016    America, We Have a Choice
8/22/2016    Continual Islamic Terrorist Attack
8/23/2016    God's Word Gave scripture for Selection Candidate (Ex 18:21)
8/25/2016    The Rapture- After the Rapture
8/30/2016    This is Primary Election Day
8/31/2016    The Bible Warns Us That We Are in the Last Days
9/1/2016    Last Days
9/2/2016    Panorama of Prophecy
9/6/2016    Tribulation Days
9/7/2016    Bowing to Allah
9/8/2016    Be Not Drunk
9/12/2016    H.R.O. (Human Rights Ordinance)
9/13/2016    God's Indictment of a Reprobate Mind
9/14/2016    Open Bathroom?
9/15/2016    Will the Christians Go through the Tribulation?
9/16/2016    The Coming War with Russia
9/19/2016    Peaceful Islam?
9/20/2016    Wow, At the Rapture of the Church
9/21/2016    Gambling- Slots
9/22/2016    A Nation on Trial
9/23/2016    Biblical Concepts (HRO)
9/26/2016    The Prosperity Gospel

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